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Financial Resolution

When you are separating, a real concern for many couples is what the financial outcome of the split will be, our family solicitors can advise on questions such as,

  • Will you be able to keep the house?
  • Can you afford to pay the bills?
  • What will happen about pensions?
  • What about maintenance payments?

If you and your partner are married or in a civil partnership, then we can help you negotiate a settlement on how to split property and sort out your finances.

Mediation can often be the best approach, as it enables you to sit down with a neutral mediator, explain the position and concerns and come to an agreement.

When an agreement still cannot be reached, it could be necessary to go to court for a judge to decide and we will represent you throughout that process to achieve the best possible outcome

We offer a FREE family surgery which is run on most Thursdays.

Please feel free to contact us for further details

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